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JaNeice Gilbert....Proposal Development Support Consultant

Over 14 years experience supporting Federal Government agencies, private sector, and local/state government agencies; providing, proposal development consulting, assuming proposal coordinator, production coordinator, desktop publisher, and editor roles.


  • Review and outline all requirements for requests for proposals (RFPs).
  • Management activities include: organizing, scheduling, compliance, coordination, presentations,
  • Ability to critique proposals and make improvement recommendations,
  • Assist in proposal production, and all related tasks necessary to compete for and win contract awards.
  • Monitor and analyze industry trends and opportunities;
  • Collect and analyze data on prospective customers and on competitors;
  • Create document templates
  • Assist with book checks and proposal production,


Desktop Publishing

  • Formatting
  • Create and edit proposal graphics
  • Creates document templates
  • Spell-check and proofread
  • Typeset for page count restraint

Click  here to view  client list and proposal support experience and capabilities.

Client List

Technical Editing

  • Generates acronym list
  • Search and review for risk and quality wording,
  • Review table and figure sequences/match name to reference,
  • Corrects graphics titles for consistency,
  • Check for unique punctuation or spelling/spacing, grammar and sentence structure,
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