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Timesheet Processing


We provide timeheet processing for for staff and consultants that work for small businesses.

timesheet processing
Employment Application Processing


Don't have time to do background and reference checks for potential candidates for employment or consulting opportunites?  We will take care of this so you can continue to do what you do best.

Technical Staffing/Recruiting and Management Services

Staff/Client Employment/Application Processing, Timesheet Processing, Invoice Processing...

We provide customized business processing services per client specifications.  

Invoice Processing


Our invoice processing enables a high percentage of both PO-based and non-PO invoices to be automatically authorized for payment without the need for human intervention. It also eliminates payment of invalid or duplicate invoices, ensures proper cost allocation, speeds the process to leverage available early-payment discounts and avoid late payment fees, provides the visibility to improve budget and cash management, and captures a record of activity that enables better spend analysis and minimizes audit costs.

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